9/11: World Trade Center 7

9/11: World Trade Center 7

All of us who were alive remember exactly where they were on September 11th 2001, the day that horrific terror attacks unfolded in the US and shook the entire world. Four planes went off course causing the collapse of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and a third building – World Trade Center 7. It wasn’t long after the attacks that conspiracy theorists began questioning if the buildings had truly collapsed from the plane crashes, or whether a controlled demolition was to blame for the loss of 2,996 lives. And what of World Trade Center 7? A steel framed high rise building which collapsed in record time, despite no plane having hit it. The mystery of what truly happened to World Trade Center 7 has perplexed people since the moment it collapsed in free-fall.

World Trade Center 7 (WTC 7) collapsed in just 6.5 seconds shocking the public. The National Insitute of Standards and Technology (NIST) issued its final report on the collapse of  WTC 7 in 2008, concluding that the “fires that followed the impact of debris from the collapse of WTC 1 (the north tower) led to the collapse of WTC 7”. This was met with heavy scepticism from experts in physics, engineering and construction, who believed that the only possible way for the report’s claims to be true were if all the buildings central supports had collapsed at once.

Under the National Fire Protection Association 921 (NFPA), WTC 7 along with the Twin Towers were Type 1 buildings. This meant that they were fire resistant, noncombustible, designed to withstand impact from 707 planes and capable of withstanding hurricane-force winds of up to 140 mph. Yet, NIST claimed that office fires in WTC 7 caused the collapse of the centre, though no steel framed high rise had ever collapsed due to fire before this point.

Many sceptics of the NIST report’s findings believe that WTC 7 was a classic case of controlled demolition. The collapse of the World Trade building was not chaotic but it was instead uniform, similar to a building being brought down by a controlled demolition. Scientists have also argued that the office fires inside WTC 7 could never have been hot enough to melt steel, which has a relative melting point of 1510°C (2750°F). The smoke in all three World Trade Center fires was black. This meant that the flames were oxygen starved and therefore, it would have been a low-temperature fire.

WTC 7 Black smoke


But molten steel and concrete were found in the rubble. So how did the steel melt, if the fire was not hot enough?

The NIST report has been criticised, for not doing a real forensic examination of the collapse of WTC 7. Most of the evidence that would be paramount to correctly carrying out these investigations has since been destroyed. All the steel from the towers was shipped to China to be recycled, meaning that no tests for explosives could be carried out.

Scientists believe that Thermite was used to bring down the towers. When ignited, Thermite sustains an extreme heat reaction reaching temperatures of 2482.2°C (4500°F) and can create molten Iron in seconds. This theory is backed up by scientists finding unreacted thermitic material in the dust surrounding the World Trade Center buildings.

Another reason why many theorists believe that World Trade Center 7 collapsed as a result of controlled demolition is that, several eyewitnesses testified that they heard explosions. In “Oral Histories” recorded by F.D.N.Y 503 firefighters, paramedics and medical technicians gave their accounts of the events that took place, describing explosions and the flashes of light that they had seen. These witness reports further show that controlled demolition may have been responsible for the collapse of both WTC 7 and the Twin Towers.

Tell us your thoughts on this tragic event. Do you believe the NIST report, or was the collapse the result of a controlled demolition?


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