Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy

In anticipation of Zac Efron’s depiction of the reviled serial killer and rapists Ted Bundy, in ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile’, I will be covering Bundy’s infamous exploits. The film is based on a retelling from Elizabeth Kloepfer perspective (a long time girlfriend of Bundy). Which is a nice change in pace considering the media narrative that transformed him from an insidious murderer into a ‘tragic’ ‘romantic’ figure despite his horrific crimes. So let’s dip straight into the horrible stuff and skip describing his very ‘sad’ life.


It’s hard to say when Bundy started killing, some say he began when he was a teenager or much later into his twenties. According to the FBI, it was definite that Bundy had started murdering young female college students, around 1974. Many witnesses say, Bundy, lured young women to the now infamous Volkswagen Beetle, often disguising himself with crutches or a sling around his arm, pretending to need help.

These killings would have continued on for much longer if it wasn’t for Bundy’s slip up the following year.

Carol DaRonch

Bundy, dressed as a police officer, duped Carol DaRonch into his ‘police car’. He lied to DaRonch about how her car had nearly been stolen and that she needed to report this immediately, with him at the police station. She followed him to his Volkswagen Beetle and got inside. She was subsequently handcuffed and nearly struck with a crowbar, in an effort to knock her out. Bravely DaRonch fought back and fled from the car. Her brilliant escape from sure death provided the police with the information needed to locate and arrest Bundy. Indeed, in 1975 Bundy’s car was pulled over and searched, uncovering incriminating items like the handcuffs DaRonch described. When he was arrested DaRonch identified him and he was convicted of her attempted kidnapping for 15 years.

It took a further two years until, investigators started to figure out Bundy’s insidious past, connecting murders, that fit his profile and pinning them rightfully to him. This started with Bundy being charged with the murder of a female nursing student.

Ted Bundy Wanted Poster

Shockingly, while acting as a lawyer on his own case Bundy was left alone and jumped out of a second story window and disappeared, only to be captured eight days later. Surprisingly this was not the last time Bundy would make a successful prison break. On December 31st 1977 Bundy escaped again, unbelievably slipping through a gap in the ceiling of his jail cell and walking right out through a jail office, police didn’t know he had escaped until 15 hours later. Gaining a huge head start, Bundy managed to evade escape for almost two months, sadly still killing while on the run. Unfortunately killing two sorority girls and a 12-year-old girl called Kimberly Leach. Leach’s tragic murder being the very last in Bundy’s monstrous killing spree.

Bundy’s was later caught by a cop, not because of the nationwide manhunt or his face was plastered all over America on wanted posters but because he was a driving a stolen orange Volkswagen Beetle. The police negligence, in this case is unreal!
Bundy was executed via electric chair in 1989 before admitting to killing 24 other girls, but many believe, myself included that he killed a great deal more.

It is important to state the manipulative nature of Bundy’s personality, Ann Rule a good friend of Bundy, describes at the time of the murders, his charming personality and his likeability while simultaneously having very disturbing suspicions of what he was truly doing. Which why he was so effective at killing, he was a sociopath who knew how to influence emotion, how to elicit sympathy from women, to make them easier to kill, many described him as ‘blandly handsome’  as he often assumed the role of a ‘nice’ and ‘attractive’ young man who just needed you to help him with something, or that he wanted to help you.

Either way stay safe, stay untrusting and don’t get murdered dear reader.

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Zipporah is 19, and currently working her way through a foundation year at Leeds University to become an Art History student. Besides her unnerving interest in true crime history, Zipporah considers herself a fully fledged Art Hoe and can be found frequently in art galleries as well as loudly talking about how much she loves Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’keeffe. 

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