About Me

What is The New Weird?

The New Weird is a blog about all things weird, wonderful and most importantly, historic. We aim to shed light on to the weird histories of unusual places, conspiracy theories, curious artefacts and murders to provide insight into the ways in which the strange, the extraordinary and the macabre aspects of history has influenced our thinking today. Here at The New Weird, we are passionate about learning about the skeletons which lurk in the dark closet of human history. We also want to create a positive community of people who share our love for all things weird and wonderful where we can discuss, learn and challenge each other to delve deeper into the weird!


The New Weird was initially created as a creative outlet for the founder Lois to explore different aspects of stranger histories. The New Weird was launched in January 2018.

Who is Lois?

I am a Museum Studies MA student from London  I have a fascination with discovering weird events in both modern and ancient history. A keen interest in history isn’t just a recent phenomenon in my life. In fact, many of my earliest memories are in museums – be it admiring the intricate posthumous practices of forgotten civilisations, or studying the creepiest of long extinct insects. Nowadays that’s no different, in fact, I probably spend even more of my time in museums now, than I did as a child. Check out The New Weird instagram for our #MuseumMonday’s.
Until now, my passion for the weirder parts of history has lingered only in my studies and my own thoughts. But now, I want to share these intense and wonderful stories with you. The things that I write about here at The New Weird aren’t the sorts of things that you’ll find in ordinary history textbooks and I can promise that none of it will be boring!
 I hope that you find things here that fascinate you just as much as they do me and one thing’s for sure, you’ll be learning some very interesting and odd trivia to chat about with your friends and family.