5 Strange Medical Practices That Will Leave You Speechless

5 Strange Medical Practices That Will Leave You Speechless   The medical practices of our ancestors were painful, horrific and often caused more harm than good. But, many of these insane practices are still used in modern medicine today. Bloodletting Bloodletting is regarded as one of the oldest medical practices and is still used in special

The Portrait of Countess Elga

The Portrait of Countess Elga From the Jewish legend of Lilith, to the Grecian striges like Lamia, the legend of the vampire has always been present in folklore, bearing the blame for illnesses and death in local communities. The portrait of Countess Elga, a curious artefact was among the last works of Hans Markart. For

Baby Farmers: The Forgotten Killers

Baby Farmers: The Forgotten Killers In Victorian Britain having a child out of wedlock was deeply shameful. The practice of an older woman accepting custody of a baby in exchange for a weekly fee or a one-time ‘premium’ was an attractive solution for many unwed new mothers. These baby farms became very popular and lucrative