How Did They Do It? Shrunken Heads

How Did They Do It? Shrunken Heads Have you recently returned from a raid in a neighbouring tribe? Collected the heads of your enemies and unsure about how to go about transferring the power of the avenging spirits to your loved ones? Well, don’t you worry, with this easy to follow step by step guide

The Curious Case of the Silent Twins

The Curious Case of the Silent Twins It’s not unusual for twins to be close, especially identical twins. But June and Jennifer Gibbons took this to a whole new level. Born in 1963, in Barbados, their parents Aubrey and Gloria Gibbons quickly relocated the family to Wales. June and Jennifer were late speakers choosing to

5 Strange Medical Practices That Will Leave You Speechless

5 Strange Medical Practices That Will Leave You Speechless   The medical practices of our ancestors were painful, horrific and often caused more harm than good. But, many of these insane practices are still used in modern medicine today. Bloodletting Bloodletting is regarded as one of the oldest medical practices and is still used in special