Benin Bronzes in the British Museum

Let Us Call Racism By Its Name: Benin Bronzes

Let Us Call Racism By Its Name: Benin Bronzes Wealth, art, culture and a vibrant history were not things that many Victorians associated with the savages from the ‘Dark Continent’ of Africa. Unfortunately, they are still not widely associated with Africa today. The British Empire was the largest the world had ever seen. It created

Venus Figurines

Venus Figurines: Pre-Historic Goddesses? Venus the goddess of love and beauty. Feminine energy has been worshipped throughout human history. From the Egyptian goddess Isis to the Germanic goddess Nerthus. But are these ‘Venus figurines’ humanities earliest example of a matriarchal religion? “In the beginning there was Isis: Oldest of the Old, She was the Goddess

The Portrait of Countess Elga

The Portrait of Countess Elga From the Jewish legend of Lilith, to the Grecian striges like Lamia, the legend of the vampire has always been present in folklore, bearing the blame for illnesses and death in local communities. The portrait of Countess Elga, a curious artefact was among the last works of Hans Markart. For