Benin Bronzes in the British Museum

Let Us Call Racism By Its Name: Benin Bronzes

Let Us Call Racism By Its Name: Benin Bronzes Wealth, art, culture and a vibrant history were not things that many Victorians associated with the savages from the ‘Dark Continent’ of Africa. Unfortunately, they are still not widely associated with Africa today. The British Empire was the largest the world had ever seen. It created

west norwood cemetery

West Norwood Cemetery

West Norwood Cemetery West Norwood Cemetery was one of my favourite places growing up and it still is to this day! On my way back from school every afternoon I would get off my 322 bus early to go grave exploring. Which of course earnt me strange looks from all of my friends. But the

Who Was The Man From Stratford?

Who Was The Man From Stratford? We all know the famous Bard, William Shakespeare. His 39 plays and 154 sonnets have been performed across the world more than any other playwright. From the ‘Taming of the Shrew’ to ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Shakespeare has left his mark as the greatest writer in English literature. But do

Venus Figurines

Venus Figurines: Pre-Historic Goddesses? Venus the goddess of love and beauty. Feminine energy has been worshipped throughout human history. From the Egyptian goddess Isis to the Germanic goddess Nerthus. But are these ‘Venus figurines’ humanities earliest example of a matriarchal religion? “In the beginning there was Isis: Oldest of the Old, She was the Goddess

The Blood Countess

The Blood Countess Legend has turned Elizabeth Báthory into the Blood Countess. But the legends are not far from the truth of her crimes. Claiming over 600 lives during her 35-year career, Báthory has immortalized herself in history as a vampire femme fatale.   Elizabeth Báthory was a 16th Century Hungarian noblewoman, born in 1560

The Curious Case of the Silent Twins

The Curious Case of the Silent Twins It’s not unusual for twins to be close, especially identical twins. But June and Jennifer Gibbons took this to a whole new level. Born in 1963, in Barbados, their parents Aubrey and Gloria Gibbons quickly relocated the family to Wales. June and Jennifer were late speakers choosing to

Rose Hall

Rose Hall Tales of murder, hauntings and voodoo rituals make Rose Hall a popular tourist destination. Though many believe the story of the White Witch to be entirely fictitious, it still fascinates both tourists and locals alike. The Legend Annie Palmer or the White Witch of Rose Hall was a cruel English plantation owner in

5 Strange Medical Practices That Will Leave You Speechless

5 Strange Medical Practices That Will Leave You Speechless   The medical practices of our ancestors were painful, horrific and often caused more harm than good. But, many of these insane practices are still used in modern medicine today. Bloodletting Bloodletting is regarded as one of the oldest medical practices and is still used in special